Intellectual Legacy Bundle

Have you had an idea you've always wanted to share, but never had time to 'get it on paper?'

Or adapt it to the format that it will need to survive in a rapidly changing digital landscape?

Do you want to build an online audience? Write books that audiences can find in the decades, maybe centuries to come?

The Intellectual Legacy Bundle will give you the basic playbook to make sure you're time is productive, to make you prolific, and to help you best prepare your works for current and future audiences — and it's coming next year!

When it's released, the bundle will include key playbooks to help you with the following guides:

  • A "Tune-Up" for writer's habits its to help you not only write more, but also more effectively.
  • For writer's who like to work with pen or pencil that will show you how to maximize productivity and effortlessly adapt your work to digital formats.
  • How to put your work into formats that will not go obsolete or become unreadable or corrupt on future digital platforms.
  • How to publish your work for FREE — and how to think about social media.
  • A guide to the Aeneid that will help you think about the process of building a legacy, and
  • One Free issue of our Monthly Newsletter (a $19.99 value), providing important tips and insights into writing and finding your student audience. (This will be delivered in late January)

We worked with a team of writers like the poet Aqsa Fatima to bring you this bundle of resources, which, when published, will probably be offered $109.95, but it's FREE right now.

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